Words are powerful tools to a person being able to show strong expression or verbal weapons. Often times, the words of one can have a large effect on others especially if the words are said with powerful emotion.

However, people often do not say what they truly mean at heart. While words can be extremely strong, their meaning can be as empty as my stomach before lunch if the person who said those words do not truly mean what they say. In Catcher and the Rye, Holden often calls people “phonies” and is quick to judge them based on their appearance. His contradictory narration makes him unreliable throughout the novel. He might say something like “I hate movies,” yet he watches them a lot. Whether he is confused or simply crazy, the fact stands that he didn’t mean what he said because his words drifted apart from his thoughts, actions and meaning. Why do people do that? Perhaps Holden’s confusion in his life explains it for him. But why the others?

During a Digimon Adventure episode I once watched, Taichi and Yanmato were fighting and often times when it came to apologizing between the two, usually one of them says “I didn’t mean what I said.”  It is another strong factor in how words are apart from what the person truly means. Rather than confusion or craziness being the case, this seems to be a desire to make things better. It happens quite frequently when people want self-satisfaction after doing something wrong. This is exactly why children apologize to their parents but often do their mistake again. They are just trying to get their parents off their back. It is also the case with a friend of mine who “apologizes” after driving me up the wall and damaging several relationships. She apologized merely to be free of the guilt and to get me off her back.

Ultimately, people don’t say what they mean for several reasons from satisfaction to depression. This phenomena is strong in what it accomplishes and makes several words a bitter aftertaste of regret or a bland taste of falseness.



Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a fun, addicting, and competitive video game, mainly played on PC.  It is an online first person shooter game, in which Terrorists and Counter-Terrorist fight to obtain objectives.  CS:GO is the newest installment in the Counter Strike series.  It came out in 2012, but is still played by millions of players each day.

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A Blast from The Past

There are times when people have one shot at doing something and messing up often means no redemption in the future. Whether is as minor as a test, or as major as missing prom on the last occasion, or something as teeth-grindingly frustrating as losing a friend, regret is incredibly common and we should be wary of the one chance we have to set things right. Regret is easily one of the hardest things to conquer in life and the fact that it is so common keeps suffering alive.

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Academic Failure

Once upon a time, education was widely regarded as the beautiful thing that separated the successful from the failures. It drove people to work hard to reach their goals and it established things that people really wanted to learn about. From lab sciences to electives, people actually WANTED to go to school. But that was then, and this is now. People before wanted to learn and had a passion to do so. Now…

How the mighty have fallen.

How often do people actually enjoy going to school? NOBODY. Literally, almost no student in school actually enjoys staying in those classrooms and instead, rejoices when things like summer vacation or Christmas break arrive. Oh no. People are only in school because of the so-called “good future” it provides. Yes, that is true but seriously. What happened to the passion?

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Responses to Sexism

When a person is sexist, how do you respond? You could potentially brush it off, but then how will they know that what they said is wrong? Sometimes maybe it’s better not to attack a person with feminist ideas because they can’t understand them as easily. In my opinion a good way to respond is to make the person think, to use sarcasm and rhetorical ways to make them really think about the morality of what they’ve said.

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