Love Poem

You knew I was different.
Yet, you still chose to love me.
You knew I didn’t love myself.
Yet, you do enough for both of us.
You knew that from day 1,
Yet, that didn’t stop you.
I’m glad it didn’t.

You knew from the first month that you loved me,
I was happy when you told me that.
You knew I had many issues,
I was happy when you accepted all of me.
You knew that I was an emotional wreck,
I’m happy that you still accept me……
I’m glad you didn’t give up.
I know I’m rude,
I get frustrated,
I get loud,
I get depressed,
I know I’m a mess up,
I know I’m not good,
I’m glad you see something special in me.
Despite all the things that are wrong,
You see hope within me,
You see a person who can be loved,
And you showed me that.

I never thought it was possible for me to be loved. Even when it happened, it was a shock. I never thought that someone could love a mess like me, but someone did. Ever since my slight downward spiral, I was against myself. I though that someone so useless didn’t deserve love. Some of my friends tried to convince me otherwise, saying that “this guy likes you” or “he’s flirting with you”, but I couldn’t ever see it that way. I only saw them as a person who was taking pity on a girl for not exactly fitting in. It’s true though, I was the odd one out, I didn’t really fit in anywhere. So having a guy like me, was entirely out of the ball park. That was until I moved back home to California. It was sophomore year and I thought it would go by with me being single. I was fine with it, I knew that any guy that would truly get to know me, would simply feel pity for the girl who was depressed. I didn’t want that kind of relationship, if anything, I wanted someone who would see right past the pain and love the girl who was hiding away. Little did I know, I would get what I wished for. He is sweet, funny, protective, and most of all, he stuck with me. He didn’t the girl with depression, he saw the girl from the 6th grade that he had a crush on. He saw the girl who laughed and loved to be around friends. He never once saw the girl who didn’t love herself because he had enough for the both of us.


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