Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a fun, addicting, and competitive video game, mainly played on PC.  It is an online first person shooter game, in which Terrorists and Counter-Terrorist fight to obtain objectives.  CS:GO is the newest installment in the Counter Strike series.  It came out in 2012, but is still played by millions of players each day.

There are a few different game modes in CS:GO, but the only important one is competitive.  These games you will get a penalty for leaving, since your team depends on you.  The games are very fast paced and much can happen in only a few seconds.  There are two main different game objectives: bomb defusal and hostage rescue.  The goal of the terrorists is either to plant a bomb or defend hostages.  The goal of the counter-terrorists is to defuse the bomb or rescue the hostages.  The timer lasts 2 minutes.  If the bomb has not been planted or the hostages have not been rescued by that time, the other team wins.

Unlike most first person shooters, Counter Strike weapons are not easy point and click, but instead shoot in a pattern that you must compensate for in order to aim accurately.  There are not many weapons, but they each have their strengths, weaknesses, and different prices.

The weapons in the game have skins that can be purchased, found in the crates, or randomly dropped after finishing a match.  They are sold by other players to other players on the steam store. The prices of skins can range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars, depending on how rare they are.  Some people make money in skins by betting them on CS:GO games between professional players.  Skins are a new feature to Counter Strike, and one of the main reasons why CS:GO is so popular.

CS:GO is not the best game for a casual gamer, who just wants to shoot up some fools online for a little while.  It is more for serious gamers, who actively want to improve their skills at the game and use teamwork and tactics (as well as individual skill) to accomplish a goal.  CS:GO is hard, but winning is very rewarding.

Source: logo-kid.com
Source: logo-kid.com

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