Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a fun, addicting, and competitive video game, mainly played on PC.  It is an online first person shooter game, in which Terrorists and Counter-Terrorist fight to obtain objectives.  CS:GO is the newest installment in the Counter Strike series.  It came out in 2012, but is still played by millions of players each day.

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What is it with so many salty people these days?  There are so many different types of salty people, but an encounter with a salty person will usually leave both sides annoyed and frustrated.  I think the problem with most of these salty people is that they have problems in their own life and they take out their frustration on others.

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Try Hards

“Try-hard” is a term used by people, usually in a derogatory way, towards people who are putting all of there effort into something.  Sometimes, saying this is just that person’s way of justifying their own laziness.  They act like trying hard in something is bad, but the so-called try-hard will more likely be successful because they care more and are willing to put more effort towards their goals.

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It seems that many people at our school care about getting into a four-year university.  They and probably their parents put a lot of pressure on them to do well in school so that they can get into a good college.  While it’s good to have goals like this to achieve, if someone is literally ruining their life and doing things they don’t want to to achieve this, is it really worth it?

It seems as if they think going straight to a UC is the only option after high school.  While it is possible to attend a community college for two years, then transfer to a UC for the second two years, they don’t want to do this and want to take the much harder route of going straight to the four-year after high school.  In order to achieve this, at least for most UC schools, they must get a high GPA (often over a 4.0), get good scores on standardized tests, as well as participate in extracurricular activities and community service.  Students end up taking tons of AP courses to get their GPA up and so it will look good on their college application.

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Bullying Part 2 – Discrimination

Bullying is not only something that occurs on a personal level, a group of people can bully others and a group of people can also be bullied.  This is what is known as discrimination.  In English class today, we had a man come in and talk about how stereotypes can lead to prejudice, discrimination, and hate crimes. If a particular group has something different about them, it is likely they will be bullied as a group by an individual or another group.

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Bullying (part 1)

Bullying has been a major problem, especially among public school students, for hundreds of years, and unfortunately we are no closer to fixing it.  It’s so hard to control when it happens everywhere: on school campus, outside of school, and online such as texting and social media, aka “cyberbullying.”  Just like a virus, there seems to be no cure.  Despite efforts made by the school system, nothing has made a significant change in ending bullying.

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On blog writing

I’ve been beginning to think how blogs about one’s own opinions are, for the most part, the writer, rather than the audience. This applies especially to a blog, such as this one, that covers a wide range of often unrelated topics.  A reader is unlikely to be interested in the blog or blogger(s) of a whole because they are likely only interested by a few if any of the topics.  A blog with multiple authors, such as this one, produces a great variation in writing style and subject of each post.   Thus, the reader is likely not to have their interest captured, because each post touches on a new topic, rather than providing multiple sources about a single topic.  Most people care more about their own life and opinions than the opinions of others, so they have to find someone who shares the same opinions to be interested.  With multiple personalities and therefore opinions, this is not achievable.

This is not to say that writing a blog is a bad thing.  Like I said earlier, blogs are for the writer, and writing out one’s ideas is a great way to express and organize one’s thoughts.  Having a blog is a good medium for this type of writing.  Compared to writing a formal paper, a blog, especially a personal one, allows a writer to write whatever comes to mind, in their own style.  Whatever they want, and however they want to write about it.  Informal writing is a necessary in order to improve one’s skills as a writer.