What is it with so many salty people these days?  There are so many different types of salty people, but an encounter with a salty person will usually leave both sides annoyed and frustrated.  I think the problem with most of these salty people is that they have problems in their own life and they take out their frustration on others.

Sometimes I encounter salty people playing online multiplayer video games, such as Counter Strike. Sometimes I have a person on my team who doesn’t seem to be having any fun.  They complain about how their team sucks, how they don’t want to lose their rank, and spite and criticize the mistake of their teammates.  I don’t understand why people choose to be so salty in a video game, when the point of it is to have fun.  I think they have the taken the game too seriously to the point where they don’t even have fun anymore, and are ironically missing the point of gaming.

Another type of salty person I’ve encountered were non-teacher school staff.  Especially the people that checked out our textbooks at the beginning of each year.  When I got my text books this year, I had forgotten to bring my I.D. card.  It surprised me how pissed off they were that they had to take a couple more seconds to get my I.D. number.  I believe they just want to get all the books registered as quickly as possible because they don’t like doing and want to be done.  That is okay, but some people make mistakes, and it is unfair to take out your frustration on someone making an honest mistake.  Even if I was in the wrong, they did not need to be so salty about it.

The salty people that I really hate are spoiled kids that whine whenever they don’t get something their way.  How are they supposed to go through life having their way all the time.  Partially this can be blamed on the parents, for spoiling their kids, but just because the kid is spoiled doesn’t mean he’ll turn into a salty turd.  I believe some people are just born salty and will have something to complain about.

Another minor group of salty people are students with high expectations of themselves, and sometimes others.  They get so pissed off when they don’t get an A, when there are students who are struggling a lot more and get worse grades, just because they aren’t as smart.  These high achiever students are often the people who take tons of AP classes and then complain about having hard tests and too much homework.  You’re taking an AP class, what did you expect?  You’re still getting a better grade than 95% of the school, so you should be grateful for being naturally gifted, rather than being salty that you didn’t do perfect.

The truth is, all people can be salty sometimes, and we just have to learn to control it and not let it spread to other people.  Being salty is toxic behavior, it will likely make the victim salty, and they will proceed to spread the disease of saltiness.  A way to reverse this is to do kind things for other people, either help them with something, or just try to be a nice person in general.  It is easier to be salty, but it causes a chain reaction of negativity that people don’t need in their lives.  So the next time you want to take out your frustration on an innocent person, dilute the molarity of your attitude with a positive outlook.


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