Responses to Sexism

When a person is sexist, how do you respond? You could potentially brush it off, but then how will they know that what they said is wrong? Sometimes maybe it’s better not to attack a person with feminist ideas because they can’t understand them as easily. In my opinion a good way to respond is to make the person think, to use sarcasm and rhetorical ways to make them really think about the morality of what they’ve said.

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“You’re depressed? Just be happy!”

Being happy isn’t as easy as you think, it’s not the switch of a button or a simple change in mindset. As a person who has been deeply depressed, i can say that one of the most annoying things i have ever heard are people telling me to “just be happy” or to “just change the way you look at things”. Depression isn’t controllable, it’s a disease of the mind.

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A Past Response Written on Mike Brown

This is a recap from several months ago during the mist of the Ferguson riots. A friend sent me this photo in an email with the caption “Here is the 6’4” 290lb. “Innocent kid” that everyone is rioting over, videotaped before the shooting.” He was still unsure of the whole situation and asked me whether the pictures were really from before the incident. Here was my response on November 26 2014:

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Little Game -Benny

While on tumblr recently, I saw a gif compilation of a music video called Benny-Little Game that really moved me. Supposedly, these gifs were made by a tumblr youtube fan blog, the post included gif sets that demonstrated the main idea of the music video. The video, by BENNY on youtube, is based on the gender roles of our society. Now as a person with very strong views in social justice, i was immediately intrigued by the images and gifs of this video and wanted to watch it.

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