Try Hards

“Try-hard” is a term used by people, usually in a derogatory way, towards people who are putting all of there effort into something.  Sometimes, saying this is just that person’s way of justifying their own laziness.  They act like trying hard in something is bad, but the so-called try-hard will more likely be successful because they care more and are willing to put more effort towards their goals.

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Happy, Happy, Gay

Recently, gay/lesbians have become quite common in the world arousing alarm for the strict and extreme religious people that believe in things like the 7 sacraments. Even my old childhood series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, has promoted this sort of romance in the last episode where Korra and Asami are in love. Two girls.  Lots of people are against this.

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Why did my body choose to be sick right now?  It’s not even flu season.

Being sick is the dreaded phenomenon that everyone is familiar with.  It strikes us when our immune systems are at their weakest and leaves us feeling broken and sad for days (sometimes even weeks).  I’m not sure what’s worse: the stuffy nose, persistent feeling of fatigue, or sore throat?  I take that back, the sore throat is definitely the worst part of being sick. I wish my flu systems would spice themselves up sometimes.  Can I trade the sore throat for something else, please?  What’s with the unoriginality?

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This Test Doesn’t Define You

I’m sure a lot of students like me in AP classes can relate to this topic.  For people like me, I find it hard to accept when I’ve gotten a bad grade on something.  I always try my best and study, and if I score low, I feel as if I’ve truly failed.  The “definitely-not-an-A” score I got on my Unit Three AP Biology exam haunts me for a week at least.  If I don’t get a high enough score on a French test I feel stupid.  My entire family speaks french, why can’t I?  I’m only in precalculus, while other students my age are in Calculus BC.  What’s wrong with this picture?  It must be me.

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Having Fun

It’s spring break and so far, it has been boring. Sure, I went out to the movies and was able to hang out with boyfriend,(with family at the science center for bubble fest) but it wasn’t that fun. I wanted more excitement this spring break since it is the second to last one I have in high school to hang out and with family and friends before moving away to college. All I’ve done so far was catch up on sleep(YES!!!!) eat a lot of sugar, and do homework. Not really a fun sounding break is it? 

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This is my story….. I don’t want pity, I’m not looking for attention, I just want those to know and to realize, YOU CAN SURVIVE! You will live, you will make it though, through the pain, through the suffering, through the hate. It will take a while and there will be scars, but those scars(physical or emotional) will show to the world, YOU ARE STRONG, and you made it through to the end.

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