What is it with so many salty people these days?  There are so many different types of salty people, but an encounter with a salty person will usually leave both sides annoyed and frustrated.  I think the problem with most of these salty people is that they have problems in their own life and they take out their frustration on others.

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Why did my body choose to be sick right now?  It’s not even flu season.

Being sick is the dreaded phenomenon that everyone is familiar with.  It strikes us when our immune systems are at their weakest and leaves us feeling broken and sad for days (sometimes even weeks).  I’m not sure what’s worse: the stuffy nose, persistent feeling of fatigue, or sore throat?  I take that back, the sore throat is definitely the worst part of being sick. I wish my flu systems would spice themselves up sometimes.  Can I trade the sore throat for something else, please?  What’s with the unoriginality?

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