Academic Failure

Once upon a time, education was widely regarded as the beautiful thing that separated the successful from the failures. It drove people to work hard to reach their goals and it established things that people really wanted to learn about. From lab sciences to electives, people actually WANTED to go to school. But that was then, and this is now. People before wanted to learn and had a passion to do so. Now…

How the mighty have fallen.

How often do people actually enjoy going to school? NOBODY. Literally, almost no student in school actually enjoys staying in those classrooms and instead, rejoices when things like summer vacation or Christmas break arrive. Oh no. People are only in school because of the so-called “good future” it provides. Yes, that is true but seriously. What happened to the passion?

Obviously, the people that never had any interest in school can’t be changed. But there used to be several students that enjoyed going to school and even begged for it during eras like the Civil Rights movement. So why? The competition. Yes, the competition of heading into a good college leads to everyone taking 4-6 A.P. courses. And I am willing to bet $500 that most of these students do not even like the courses they are taking. So, essentially they are only in it for the grade and credit, and have absolutely no interesting in the subject. And they get out of it, a letter grade that only sticks with them for 4 years, tops? What a waste of time and potential. The fact that these students tell me “fml” every night only proves my point.

So kids, I must ask. Why are you doing this to yourselves?

Everyone has a steady pace, so it doesn’t matter if you can or can’t handle 4-6 A.P. courses. It’s better to do things that you have an actual passion for.  You’ll be having a lot more fun and you’ll be doing something that can actually help you in the future. You’re not being a scholar by taking dozens of course you don’t like. In fact, those with a passion for the subjects are 100 times the success that the stereotypical dozen A.P. student will.

Don’t be the stereotype please. You are so much more than a letter grade. Do something you like and don’t ever let competition let your years as a student become overwhelmed and confined in a gigantic workload. You don’t need to take dozens of A.P. courses. You already have everything you need to be a success as long as you truly want to be successful in that particular area. Build your passion. Follow your passion. That is what ultimately counts. Source:


One thought on “Academic Failure

  1. Sometimes things like academic focuses takes away student’s time, and they aren’t able to explore to find out what they really want to do, and to find where their part is in the world


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