A Blast from The Past

There are times when people have one shot at doing something and messing up often means no redemption in the future. Whether is as minor as a test, or as major as missing prom on the last occasion, or something as teeth-grindingly frustrating as losing a friend, regret is incredibly common and we should be wary of the one chance we have to set things right. Regret is easily one of the hardest things to conquer in life and the fact that it is so common keeps suffering alive.

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“They can’t get away with this. I will pummel them with hatred and curse them with this grudge for the rest of their sorry lives.”

That’s what hatred is about, isn’t it? Someone wrongs you and you have every right to be angry and you have every right to hate that person to their bitter gut, right?

Sounds about right. After all, we are only doing what they did to us. It is only fair that we get to attack him or her back for what they did, right? Hatred often leads to a revenge story and often times, the dilemma comes between whether two wrongs make a right or “let it go.” People usually (obviously) say “let it go” but is that really the best option here? Of course with letting go you receive full freedom and you no longer have to deal with whoever you hate. On the other hand, that person gets away with whatever he or she did and you receive no amount of justice. That doesn’t seem fair, now does it?

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The Ties of Friendship

There are some people that simply don’t appreciate friendship. Often, once one finds out, it is quite devastating and heart-breaking. Some people say friends come and go. But shouldn’t a friend always be there for one another? Therefore, shouldn’t true friendships last of an eternity?

While friendship can be interpreted in many ways, I see it as something that should last forever. If a friendship doesn’t last forever, then what was the point of it even existing in the first place? Additionally, if both sides are really willing to neglect the friendship into rot then did the friendship even truly exist in the first place?

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All Punched Out

Violence. Everyone is familiar with the amount of fighting the world from as small scale as a friendly conflict to an international war. But is it just to do things like this? And why do we have to resort to violence?

Since our very kindergarten years, we have learned to “keep our hands and feet to ourselves.” For the most part, it wasn’t a problem. It was clearly wrong to try and beat the stuffing out of someone, but why is it so much harder when we get older? Does anything ever get accomplished by beating someone to a bloody pulp?

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