A Blast from The Past

There are times when people have one shot at doing something and messing up often means no redemption in the future. Whether is as minor as a test, or as major as missing prom on the last occasion, or something as teeth-grindingly frustrating as losing a friend, regret is incredibly common and we should be wary of the one chance we have to set things right. Regret is easily one of the hardest things to conquer in life and the fact that it is so common keeps suffering alive.

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Academic Failure

Once upon a time, education was widely regarded as the beautiful thing that separated the successful from the failures. It drove people to work hard to reach their goals and it established things that people really wanted to learn about. From lab sciences to electives, people actually WANTED to go to school. But that was then, and this is now. People before wanted to learn and had a passion to do so. Now…

How the mighty have fallen.

How often do people actually enjoy going to school? NOBODY. Literally, almost no student in school actually enjoys staying in those classrooms and instead, rejoices when things like summer vacation or Christmas break arrive. Oh no. People are only in school because of the so-called “good future” it provides. Yes, that is true but seriously. What happened to the passion?

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Happy, Happy, Gay

Recently, gay/lesbians have become quite common in the world arousing alarm for the strict and extreme religious people that believe in things like the 7 sacraments. Even my old childhood series, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, has promoted this sort of romance in the last episode where Korra and Asami are in love. Two girls.  Lots of people are against this.

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“They can’t get away with this. I will pummel them with hatred and curse them with this grudge for the rest of their sorry lives.”

That’s what hatred is about, isn’t it? Someone wrongs you and you have every right to be angry and you have every right to hate that person to their bitter gut, right?

Sounds about right. After all, we are only doing what they did to us. It is only fair that we get to attack him or her back for what they did, right? Hatred often leads to a revenge story and often times, the dilemma comes between whether two wrongs make a right or “let it go.” People usually (obviously) say “let it go” but is that really the best option here? Of course with letting go you receive full freedom and you no longer have to deal with whoever you hate. On the other hand, that person gets away with whatever he or she did and you receive no amount of justice. That doesn’t seem fair, now does it?

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The Bully is Back in Town


Everyone knows what bullying is. The dictionary defines it as using force, threat, and coercion to aggressively dominate others. For the most part, this is very accurate as seen when that giant kid across the block tells the little kid across the other block “I am going to beat you up.” Good luck kid.

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